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  • Large coffee Fan, Hao source promotion promotion in progress!

    [ Company news ] 01-10-2017 Click:141

    Business less busy months, May times times busy! With a large wave of new products Haoyuan one after another into the market, from the factory floor to the dealer terminal, the entire Haoyuan domestic marketing system is also accelerating up and running! Recently, the Haoyuan Group tasting dealers have been in Shandong, Jiangsu, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities held; dealers generally haoyuan new and old products have praised the increase, order sales confidence, enthusiasm. At the same ti...

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  • Haoyuan Group to open channels to promote business!

    [ Company news ] 11-21-2016 Click:397

    With the spring flowers competing open footsteps, Haoyuan Group to promote ultra-wide curtain also opened, with immediate effect, Haoyuan Group will be in Taizhou, Wuhan and other regions of the hundreds of large supermarkets to carry out experiential marketing experience at the same time, Consumers try to eat free of taste Kam, doubts and doubts, so that more people learn to learn seafood characteristics. ......

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