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Large coffee Fan, Hao source promotion promotion in progress!

Published time:01-10-2017 15:38 click:
Business less busy months, May times times busy! With a large wave of new products Haoyuan one after another into the market, from the factory floor to the dealer terminal, the entire Haoyuan domestic marketing system is also accelerating up and running! Recently, the Haoyuan Group tasting dealers have been in Shandong, Jiangsu, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities held; dealers generally haoyuan new and old products have praised the increase, order sales confidence, enthusiasm. At the same time, Haoyuan business super channel promotional activities are in full swing in progress! More than a hundred supermarkets nationwide to promote the Commissioner of the 51 during the site for everyone cooking seafood cuisine, welcome to come to taste!
 2015 Haoyuan Group will do a good job in product quality and food safety on the basis of continuing to increase R & D efforts to accelerate the pace of product updates. At the same time, efforts to do a good job in sales and service work, in the logistics follow-up, promotional materials, promotional activities, promotional policies and other aspects to enhance service support, so that each dealer Houguwuyou, the co-development of the domestic market.
 It is reported that Haoyuan South China market development plan will gradually start to welcome all dealers to inquire cooperation! Haoyuan domestic customer service hotline: 400-007-1970!
 Qingdao Haoyuan Group Chairman Mr. Lv Wenliang with the staff I wish you 51 Happy! I wish dealers around the business is booming!